Streamlining the Subdivision Process


How Our Subdivision Process Works

Subdividing your land yourself often proves much more challenging than people expect. What most people underestimate is the sheer number of tasks and individuals which need coordinating. Site Surveyors, Engineers, Auckland Council, Builders, Inspectors – All very different roles which speak a very different language.

Working with us, you get an experienced, dedicated subdivision coordinator who knows exactly how to manage each individual involved with your subdivision project. We break down the jargon and can push back on suppliers when we feel you have been overcharged. We walk you through each step of the process making for an enjoyable subdivision experience.

Whether you are subdividing to just sell the land, to create rental income or build and sell, we can help you in your journey. Working with us, we do not lock you in for the entirety of the project - you are free to take things on yourself after any stage!


Phase 1 - Site Feasibility

The subdivision process begins with an assessment of your property. If your property meets the requirements for subdivision in Auckland, we will then conduct a feasibility study. The feasibility study formerly confirms that subdivision is achievable and that all Auckland council requirements are met.

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Phase 2 - Engineering & Reports

With the ball now rolling, we help you prepare everything you need for successful council application. Pulling together all general reports (topographical, drainage, geotechnical), site specific reports (structural, flood, arborist) and design plans we make sure all boxes are ticked so you can rest assured your council application will go smoothly.

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Phase 4 - Site Work & Services Connection

This is where things really start to take shape. We coordinate drainage (stormwater & wastewater), set up of services to boundary (water, power, gas) and access to the site, all essential tasks for every subdivision project. We also identify and complete site specific works on a case-by-case basis, this can include retaining walls, removal of vegetation or existing structures, earthworks, or relocation of an existing home.

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Phase 5 - Build (if integrated)

Finally, if your resource consent application has a build integrated, we can coordinate the construction on your newly subdivided property. Working with an experienced building team, we have delivered hundreds of new homes for clients throughout the Auckland region. Take the guess work out of building and work with an experienced crew who knows exactly what to look out for.

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Get Started:

Whether you need guidance throughout the entirety of the subdivision process, or simply need a hand with a certain stage, feel free to get in touch with us via the form below. We will get your subdivision plans moving forward. 

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